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The Quality Store in a Hotel

“Travel” is often compared to a life.
The word has various meanings such as a backpacking, a carefree trip with few belongings, a special journey, an everyday commuting and a daily small transfer.

“Travel” is your style and living itself.

You may be able to remember the photographs of admirable landscapes you saw while traveling, taste of coffee you drunk on the top of a mountain after hours of tramping, the smell of rain left after a squall on an island, sound of music on a local radio program, the gust of wind swept across you while walking through a deserted town in the early morning, and the sky you looked up on your way home from work. All those scenes of travels engraved in your mind will remain for a long time.

Here you may find authentic products you would like to bring when traveling to share beautiful moments or to make the expedition even more exciting. With a concept of “from where a traveler stands and distance a man walks,” the store, FROM WHERE I STAND, offers goods collected from all over the world, showing those nicely and comfortably.